What is the purpose of the software? First of all, its role is to process data to the extent specified by the creator. Software is classified as a division of computer science, synonymous with terms such as application or computer program, but usually software is defined as collections of programs.

Who creates the software?

Programmers are considered its creators. The development process is programming. The best software is written using different programming languages, using specific algorithms. At this point, it is worth mentioning compilers, i.e. programs that convert programs into binary form from the source form.

Sometimes software may be written entirely in interpreted languages, but sometimes it is in only one form. The software is protected by copyright, and its developers permit legal use under certain conditions that are included in the written license agreement. There are many types of software, though many people cannot name any examples. It turns out that we know them from everyday life. The software is a word processor, a computer game or even a computer virus.