Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does your software is cheaper than the original software?
That's all because we offer only OEM copies of license versions.
OEM means "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and normally would have the hardware manufacturer's name stamped on it.
We also offer parts(Keys, License stickers etc) of the software for our customers who are ebay sellers, store owners and wholesalers.

2. What will I get when I buy from you?
You will get a full boxed set of the software, including the CD, manual, serial number and releated accessories of the software.

3. Is your software full and not upgrade versions?
We sell ONLY FULL versions.
If you have any other versions already installed (previous ones or upgrades) you need to REMOVE them completely before you start installing our software (to avoid conflicts between different versions of the software.) After un-installing you should also clear the Registry (for PC software) from the corresponding entries.

4. Is your software only for home use? How many computers can I install my purchase to?
Most items of our software are for home use only and you can use your software only for 1 computer. Please, leave an enquiry through the questionnaire form on our website to find out more about this.

5. What is the language of software?
Standard, English. (You can ask our Support team for exceptions)

6. Can I register and activate it online? Can I get technical support?
In many occasions the answer is positive unless it is restricted in the Instruction to a definite software.(You can ask our Support team about exceptions).
Our company does not provide technical support. We can help you how to install program, but we cannot help you how to use it. You may find answers to your question in Help files that come with each program. To open them simply start the program and find Help menu.

7. How much is the shipping cost? Do you support Dropshipping?
SoftonSales supply free shipping service worldwide, we send your order to your home directly and freely.
Yes, we do support dropshipping, please contact us for this procedure.

8. I plan to buy quantity and often, can I count on a discount?
Sure you can! Our customers can save even more by purchasing more of our products. To know more please contact us.

9. I have bought software from you, but I don’t like it, is money back possible?
Yes, we have money back policy which you can read in the corresponding section of the website. As bank transactions cannot be performed fast, it takes time to get a refund. Usually customers have to wait for 6-8 days. If you are not satisfied please contact us first. Any chargeback has also negative impact on you, making your credit story less perfect, so it’s better to find a solution together.

10. What payment types are accepted by your website?
Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Western Union& MoneyGram.

11. What is the difference between a 3 Pack and a Single?
A 3 Pack is for 3 computers or 3 users, and a Single is for 1 computer or 1 user.

12. What is a COA?
A COA is a "Certificate of Authenticity" and is used to certify that the license for software is authentic.

13. Hardware Requirements:
All software manufacturers have minimum hardware requirements for the software they sell. If you are not sure of the hardware requirements, see the software manufacturer's website. In addition, many of the newer versions of software may not be compatible with older computer systems or operating systems. NOTE: Some newer software version cross-grades or upgrades will not run properly with older software versions. Check the software manufacturer's website for complete details.

14. If keys only available ?
Yes, we offer software key still.

15. F.A.Q. can't help me, I have a question that is not answered here.
Please, contact our Support team and tell them about your problem. Make screenshots of your problem if it possible. Everything would be done for you.