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EndNote X1 for Mac
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With EndNote® X1 you get everything you asked for and more. By listening to writers and researchers like you, and delivering ways to simplify your work, EndNote remains the favored, time-saving solution for organizing references and creating instant bibliographies.

Create groups to view and manage subsets of references
Drag and drop references into groups just as you do with playlists of music. Each EndNote X1 library can have up to 500 custom groups, and action-specific groups are created automatically for search results, file imports and reference transfers from EndNote Web, a companion product available via ISI Web of Knowledge.

View and manage more reference details
The library list display now reveals all authors so you can review more information instantly. The “Link to PDF” field is renamed to “File Attachment” for organizing up to 45 files per reference. Your custom reference types can now be exported and imported between computers easily. And, you can control the display font for the “Search” window and reference field labels.

Other new features:
• Use the new Quick Search tool to search all fields in a library or group
• View file names with the icons in the File Attachment field
• Confirm changes to a reference with a new preference setting
• Use AppleScript® to automate and extend EndNote functions between applications
• “Connect” is renamed to “Online Search” in the Tools menu
• “Show All” output style is renamed to “Show all fields”
• “Image” field is renamed to “Figure” for association with the Cite While You Write “Insert Figure” options
• Subject bibliographies can now include the Reference Type field
• Convert ProCite databases to EndNote libraries automatically
• Use native Mac OS X spellchecker—easily convert custom dictionaries from earlier versions of EndNote with the Dictionary Converter
• “Transfer references” is renamed to “EndNote Web” in the Tools menu
• “Electronic Resource Number” field is renamed to “DOI” field
• Improved compatibility with MS Word add-ins such as Snag-It and FlashPaper
• Install Cite While You Write easily on lab computers with multiple user profiles
• Use new fields “Epub Date” and “Legal Note”
• Copy text in the preview pane to paste in other applications
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