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1. General questions about the site and software
2. Questions about files for downloading
3. Downloading and installation issues
4. General questions from the registered customers
5. Financial questions

Why is the software so inexpensive?
We offer the software for downloading only, it means that you do not receive a fancy package, a printed manual and license that actually aggregate the largest part of the retail price. In this situation we are restricted in selling the products for private purposes only! You will not be able to get a technical support and different rebates from the manufacturer. Updates are available for the most of our products (you may ask our support staff for the exceptions) that make them fully functional and operating. Additionally you save the delivery cost.

Is this an upgrade software?
No, we sell only full versions, which can be installed without having any previous version of the product.

What operating systems does your software support?
Unless stated all our products are for the Windows 98x, NT, ME, 2000, XP platform. However you should remember that the ultimate versions of software do not run on operational systems launched before the 2000. In case you are not sure about the compatibility of your machine with the product you would like to purchase we suggest to search for the system requirements on the manufacturers official web site.

What are the languages of the software?
All the products mentioned at the site are in ENGLISH language, unless stated another in the Product description.

Is it possible to get a CD instead of downloading the software?
No, we do not send software on disks.

Do you have software for Macintoshes?
We do not have Mac-software available at the moment however we plan to extend our product range, so please check the product list and the News section on your accounts periodically!

How do I make sure that I am getting the latest release?
Not all the versions of the software we sell are the latest releases. For additional information address the manufacturer's website.

What is the format of files for downloading?
Most of the software is offered for downloading in SFX-archive files. SFX-archive (self-extract) is an EXE file, thus it does not require any additional software on your PC to be opened.
Some products also contain ISO versions of installation files. Such files are for burning CD copies. ISO files require special CD-burning software to be used. The content of ISO files is equal to SFX-archive, however the size is usually bigger.
A number of products (all operating systems and some others, look for the full list in Term section, p. 2.7.1) which must be installed from CDs is offered only in ISO format.
Please read the instructions on your account before starting installation. You will find the detailed manual for using of your type of files.

Should I have any special programs to install the software purchased and downloaded from you?
Most of the programs do not require any special software to be installed; however there are some items (look for the full list in Term section, p. 2.7.1) that must be installed only from the CD. To burn the CD correctly you should have CD-R or CD-RW and CD-burning software, e.g. Nero Burning Suite or Roxio Easy Media Creator. We give a free version of Ahead Nero 6.3 with products that require burning to CD.

The file I have downloaded is identified by my computer as ZIP/RAR file, but I can not open it with the archiver program.
On your account it is stated that the file is in ISO format. You can not just open it using the archiver, but you should burn the file to a CD. On the User account you will find the instructions how to burn the image disk correctly.

Can I download to one PC and install on another?
Yes, you can. We even advice to download the software on a computer with better type of the Internet connection.

Could you please tell me what should I do in case of unsuccessful software installation or activation?
You have to contact our support team. The best way to get help from the support team is via the Trouble Ticket Center which is the easiest & fastest mean of communicating with us. All your issues will be resolved in a timely manner. The Trouble Ticket Center is located on your User Account right on the main page, among such options as products, news etc. Just click on them, start a new ticket and describe the problem in a written form.

When will I receive the access details for the download center?
All the access details (the URL, login and password) you will receive right after the order is placed on the page on the order.s confirmation. Be attentive; do not close this page without saving your access details. Also the details will be sent to you by e-mail. Bu, due to the fact that a lot of clients use spam filters a risk of not receiving e-mail is very high. That is the reason why we strongly recommend you to save the details given on the order's confirmation page just in case of not receiving e-mail.

Can I download the purchased software again if my system crashes or I loose the file in any other way?
We will restore the downloading possibility for your account or certain product after receiving your request with explanation of your problem. Besides you can make the backup copy of the program for further usage.

I'm on dial-up. Will I be able to download?
Both our servers (primary and backup) support resuming of transfers, thus you will be able to download software with the help of Download Accelerators even on a poor type of connection. However if dialup of the only possibility for you to get the program, we do not recommend placing an order.

What is the average download time?
The time required to get the file from our server depends on the number of factors where the most important are: the file size (normally the size of files is very large and could reach 700 MB for some items), the type of Internet connection you use, the time of the day (straightly proportional to the number of current active connections to the server), etc. Useful advices for downloading you will find in the Download Area. We do not recommend to download on dial-up connection.

I'm not able install the software purchased from and because it is too complicated. Refund me as I'm not going to try any longer.
The software offered at this site is simple and standard to install. Any software product with a complicated installation procedure is accompanied with the detailed installation guide. Following the steps of such instructions precisely you will feel no difficulties. Thus, all software is sold with the joint understanding that the customer possesses a basic knowledge of computer systems and software functionality. No returns will be accepted due to the inability of the user to understand and utilize the software because of a lack of knowledge of these basic computer functions.

When the purchased software will become available for downloading?
As it is specified in Terms&Conditions we need up to 24 hours before the downloading function becomes available. This time is required to check if the transaction was authorized by the cardholder.

I purchased a product and see a charge on my credit card, however no downloading instructions have been delivered to my e-mail!
At the moment the problem with spam filters blocking mail is very important. So if you have not received any confirmation letters with the details of your transaction, please do the following steps:
1. Check 'Junk' (or similar) folder in your mailbox collecting spam messages;
2. Look for the letter from Downloadable Software on the mail-server or contact Mail Server Administrator for assistance.
3. The exact sender e-mail address (Downloadable Software address) as well as Download Area access details are given on the page confirming that order got through. Save this information on your computer right after receiving.
4. If in 24 hours since the order has been placed you still have not received letter from Downloadable Software, you should address Support Department for assistance. In case you've already had an account with us, create a Trouble Ticket describing the situation.
5. The exact sender e-mail address (Downloadable Software address) as well as Download Area access details are given on the page confirming that order got through. Save this information on your computer right after receiving.

How can I get a refund?
Please read our Terms&Conditions, p. 6. Order Cancellation. Moneyback Policy

Are there any additional recurring or hidden charges?
No, the cost of a software product is a one-time charge which includes the cost of the product and 3.95 USD transaction fee. The transaction fee is added not to each product separately but to the total amount of the products in your shopping cart.
No recurring periodical charges will be issued against your card.

What credit cards do you accept? Are there any different payment methods?
Downloadable Software accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB (unless noted differently on the registration form). No other payment methods are available.

What is CVV/CVC2 code asked in your registration form?
CVV/CVC2 is a three-digit security code that is printed on the back of your card, right after the account number. It's an additional mean of authentication of your credit card.

I am experiencing problems with my bank card when placing the order, what should I do?
For any bank card problems, please contact the card issuer bank first to be sure there are no problems with your account. If the account is fine, please try to reorder. You may also try to use another bank card. If problems continue, please e-mail details and any error messages received to Customer Service. In case you are not sure if the order was accepted by our system and you have not received the confirmation letter, do not hesitate to write us mentioning the e-mail address used for registration.

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