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Microsoft Windows Vista Business
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Important! DVD-RW (burning DVD) hardware is required for installation!

With Windows Vista Business you'll empower your entire business to work more efficiently with a stunning and improved, simple-to-use interface that makes it easier to search and find the information you need quickly and easily, both on your PCs and on the web. Its powerful new safety features provide full control and allow to protect the key information better.

New Features:
*Find information easily with Instant Search which helps you locate information on your PC—even within e-mail.
*Improved Explorers help you organize things your way.
*You can more conveniently share your work with co-workers on your network. With a simple file-sharing tool, you can choose just the people with whom you want to share files.
*Enhanced Windows Fax and Scan provides flexible, integrated faxing and scanning in one location on your PC.
*Work in a more simple and intuitive way: with Windows Aero you can easily navigate open files and programs.
*Get the most from digital images and video. Easy-to-use tools within Windows Photo Gallery help you retrieve, view, and edit photos for your business or website—without costly outsourcing.
*Use Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore to back up critical documents, files, system files, and programs—everything on your hard disk drives—to the device of your choice.
*Provide the critical first line of defense. A smarter, more easily configured, and automatically running Windows Firewall helps protect you against many types of malicious software.
*Get new PCs up and running right away: quickly transfer data and settings from your old PCs to newly purchased PCs running Windows Vista, with the help of Windows Easy Transfer.
*Conduct business when and where it's convenient: use Remote Desktop Connection to access your PC remotely, whether across your company network or through the Internet from your home PC.
*With Sync Center, you can synchronize PDAs, mobile phones, and other devices all from one place.
*With Windows Mobility Center, you can quickly adjust wireless status, display and presentation settings, and power options for maximizing battery life—all from one easy-to-find location.

Upgrade installation is not supported! MS Windows Vista requires a clean install
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