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Readiris Pro 11.5 for Mac
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The Most Powerful OCR Application for Macintosh
Readiris Pro 11, the most advanced Optical Character Recognition software for Mac. Quickly and easily transform your paper documents into electronic files you can edit in your favorite application.

Spectacular Speed and Accuracy
Readiris Pro perfectly reproduces texts, titles, capital letters, handprint, paragraphs, barcodes, columns, font types, font sizes, numbers, tables, graphics, etc. Get an editable document identical to the original in record time (up to 1600 characters recognized/second) with over 99% recognition rate (on good quality documents the recognition rate reaches 100%)
- Learning Fonts
With this feature, any character that Readiris does not initially recognize will be displayed with a few suggestions. You then “teach” the program by selecting the appropriate character. Readiris then saves the character in its dictionary for the next time.
- Page Deskewing
The command "Deskew Page" straightens pages which were scanned at an angle for optimised OCR recognition accuracy

Unique handprinted text recognition
Equipped with the I.R.I.S. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) engine, Readiris Pro reads formatted handprinted capital letters, figures or symbols. Scan documents containing formatted manual notes and they will be promptly recognized.

Document layout
- Intelligent Page Analysis
Readiris Pro automatically recognizes text, graphics, and tables. This information is perfectly reproduced in the output file. You can even choose your preferred paper format (A4, letter, etc.)
- Text formatting
When processing a document, you select how you want the OCR results to be shown in your new document:
"Create body Text": You get a plain text block without any formatting.
"Retain Word and Paragraph": the font’s type, size, and style are maintained. Tabs other formatting is recreated and tables are correctly reproduced.
"Recreate Source Document" recreates a facsimile copy of the original document with text blocks, tables, graphics, bulleted and number lists recreated in the same place and the word and paragraph formatting maintained. You get a true copy of your source document in an editable text file, no longer a scanned image of your document.
- Table recognition
Readiris outputs tabular data to spreadsheets and word processors: tables get reconstructed cell by cell in worksheets and inserted as table objects in word processor files.

Extensive PDF support and creation
Convert PDF files to editable documents
- Convert PDF to text: you can open image-based PDF documents, execute the recognition and save the OCR result to an editable text document (in any supported text format).
- Convert image PDF into text PDF: You can OCR image-based PDF files and save the results as text-based PDF documents! (Text-based PDF files are searchable and editable, "image-only" PDF files are not)
- "Unlock" PDF content: you can convert "read-only" PDF documents, into files that you can edit Create PDF files Improved
Generate PDF files with text placed over the image and you'll obtain the perfect archiving format with a nice on screen legibility and an optimized file size.

Supported document types
Supported file formats
Readiris opens black-and-white, greyscale and color images. Adobe Acrobat PDF documents and DCX fax (multipage version of the Paintbrush format), DjVu (*.djv), JPEG, JPEG 2000 (*.j2c, *.jp2), Paintbrush (*.pcx, compressed), PNG, TIFF and Windows bitmap (*.bmp) images are supported.
New Input Formats New
Readiris Pro reads most popular image formats. From now, you can also open and recognize the highly compressed JPEG 2000 and DjVu files.
Easy Handling of Multipage Documents
Change the page sequence with a simple drag-and-drop. Right-click on the documents you need to recognize to select them and quickly generate one output file per page.

And many more features.
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