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Thanks for the prompt response ... I'm a knucklehead! After I sent the Email to you guys I went back on your site and realized that I was reading the file names wrong ... instead of reading "Full Version" 1, I was reading it as "Full", Version 1 ... I reread your install directiona and it worked great! Sorry to waste your time, however the listing of which apps are on which disk is very helpful! Thanks and it was nice to do business with you ... I'm sure I'll be back to buy more apps in the future. Thanks again. Denise

The other programs that i have downloaded this weekend are now all up and running first time with your simple but effectivee instructions . I am well impressed and will recommend you site. Well done for supplying applications at a reasonable price. Peter Smith, GB

I really enjoy this site and will tell everyone I know. Christopher Me MI, USA

Thank you for your help, support and steadying hand, the product is now installed and working. I am very satisfied with the product. (Norton AntiVirus 2005) Robert Simpson, UK

We just wrote you in frustration because we could not get the norton anti virus to work. We just sat here for a few more minutes and experiianced with the codes and finally we figured it out. Thank you very much for the product. Thank You Louise Lorianne Newcombe

Thank you for your great service. Your company is a pleasure doing business with. Gregg Richter, MA, USA

I just want to say thank you for the kind support you have shown----with much patience I might add. At first I was skeptical, but your quick and courteous replies have made you a delight to correspond with. I will buy my products from you as well as tell others; I have already told a medical doctor about your software and your customer service quality. Thanks again, Stu Kopelman

Ultimately, I got the software, successfully burned to disc and successfully installed it all with great results. I am impressed and pleased with this amazing bargain! Take care, Vince Heise

Thank you very much. I was able to upgrade my windows98 computer to windows XP Professional. I will return to your web site for future purchases. Thanks, Bill Martin

...you all have done a great job and I am happy with your services, everything is good and thanks so much. I will tell everyone to buy from you in the future. Steve Bell

I am telling people about your site. Both products and service are worth propagation. Michael Hogan

I finally got it working--the problem apparently was in the copying to the disk. I tried recopying and it worked fine and is now installed. Thanks so much for your answer, though, and appreciate your being available for support questions. Cyndy Carrington Miller (Richardson Maritime Museum)

All in All I am very pleased with the purchase and will use your site again. Thanks you, Art Stannard.

I got my refund credited back, thanks so much for being fair in this matter and I will highly recommend your services because you did what you said you were going to do, that is rare nowadays. Just a side bar, I have continued struggling with the process with no success. If I succeed some day I will be sure and send you the money. Thanks again for being honest and forthright. Brian James Clements

This is my second download with your firm. To tell you the truth I did not believe your claims were for real. I was surprised when you guys did what you said you were going to do. Thank You, Gary Viano

thank you very much for your help, the programme is now running perfectly. i would also like to say that even though i encountered a problem your responses were swift and helpful and i shall pass this on to any friends who are considering buying software thanks again John lambert

I just finished downloading the exe en iso files voor Macromedia Flash and installed from the exe file. As fas as I can see the iso file is compleet as well. Thank you for this great program at such a low price. nko Mulder

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